Udara logo with three coloured dots
    January 26, 2017

    Introducing Udara

    Perennial is proud to announce the release of the alpha version of Udara, a crowdsourcing platform for civic action.  We believe it has the potential to unlock untold potential of citizens seeking a way to improve their communities and the world.  

    How does the software work?  Participants are sent an invitation to access Udara on their mobile or laptop. Udara asks them a few simple questions about the issues that concern them, their skills and interests.  Participants can use a pseudonym and none of their information is stored centrally, so we can protect their privacy.

    Equipped with that information, Udara then recommends tasks that make a tangible difference in the world, and that match the participant’s skills and interests.

    As the participant completes a task, the system validates that it was done and then awards points.  As a participant`s reputation for doing good work increases, more significant opportunities for action are unlocked.  The most active users gain the opportunity to create their own tasks so that they can mobilize the efforts of many more people to their preferred cause.

    The platform is easy to use with a chat interface, tasks that are easy to understand and to perform, and a user dashboard where participants can view what they have accomplished and seek new tasks.

    Once we have completed our testing, a limited number of humanitarian organizations have been granted access to a beta version of the software to expand the impact of the campaigns they are running.  If you have a campaign you’d like to run on Udara, please get in touch.

    Try it now, visit: udara.online